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Topic Department Phone
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent - Annette McTighe District Office 530-265-1827
Business Manager - Paige Moore District Office 530-265-1823
Business Services Technician -Debbie Ledford District Office 530-265-1825
Director of Maintenance and Operations - Todd Pratt District Office 530-265-1896
District Clerk- Megan Graham District Office 530-265-1821
District Technology Coordinator - Michelle Albanese R-3 District Office 530-265-1857
Principal - Brynn Bourke Nevada City Charter School 530-265-1885
Principal - Monica Daugherty Deer Creek Elementary School 530-265-1870
Principal - Sam Schug Seven Hills Middle School 530-265-1840
Special Education Secretary - Darcy VanSon R-3 District Office 530-265-1829
Student Services/Special Education - Kathy Newton District Office 530-265-1829
Superintendent- Trisha Dellis District Office 530-265-1820